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Sky's the limit challenge

Be part of Canada’s aviation future.

The aviation industry needs a fuel that will cut pollution and fight climate change. Can you supply it? We need the jet fuel of the future now!

A network for green aviation

GARDN contributes to the competitiveness of Canada’s aerospace sector by supporting collaborative R&D projects that will reduce its environmental footprint.

Our projects

Since 2009, we’ve built a portfolio of over 35 R&D projects to reduce the environmental impact of a new generation of engines, structures and systems by the aerospace industry.

Our members

The GARDN community brings together more than 50 companies, universities, colleges and research centres from the Canadian aviation industry that collaborate on green projects.

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Sky’s the limit challenge

Reducing the aviation industry’s environmental footprint will create a more competitive and sustainable industry and is critical for our transition to a lower-carbon economy. Cleaner fuels are central to those efforts. Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, the...

developed prototypes

ongoing projects

researchers from industry and academia


in total value in terms of completed and ongoing projects.

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