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Our mission

The Green Aviation Research and Development Network (GARDN) is a non-profit organization created in 2009 with funding from the Business-Led Network of Centres of Excellence (BL-NCE) of the federal government and Canadian aerospace industry.

GARDN’s mission is to help support and increase Canada’s competitiveness in the aerospace industry by reducing the environmental footprint of the next generation of aircraft, engines and avionics systems developed in the country.

Our projects

Since 2009, we’ve built a portfolio of over 35 R&D projects to reduce the environmental impact of a new generation of engines, structures and systems by the aerospace industry.

Our members

The GARDN community brings together more than 50 companies, universities, colleges and research centres from the Canadian aviation industry that collaborate on green projects.

Our Project Reports

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Projects with an Impact

developed prototypes

completed projects and ongoing projects (4)

researchers from industry and academia


in total funding in terms of completed and ongoing projects.

A glance at GARDN news

Information COVID-19: GARDN’s current operations maintained

At the request of the governments of Quebec and Canada, GARDN has requested that its staff work from home as of today. The meetings in person that were scheduled at our offices and at our partners' offices will be conducted online or by phone whenever possible....

Introducing YVR’s 2020-2024 Environmental Management Plan that includes ambitious targets for four key areas:

✈️ Carbon Reduction
🚰 Water Conservation
🗑 Waste Reduction
🌿 Ecosystem Health

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"A recent report from @GARDN_aero showed that slowly growing use of SAF will help facilitate the country’s aviation industry goal of a 2.6 megaton reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030..." Read now the full article on @AINonline 👉

Face aux mesures visant à éviter la propagation du COVID-19, GARDN a pris la décision de reporter #SAFtalk. Nous espérons que la situation s’améliore dans les mois à venir afin de pouvoir reporter notre événement à une date ultérieure.