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Six new projects added to GARDN’s portfolio

Jul 22, 2015

GARDN’s Board of Directors approved six new research and development projects for GARDN II’s second round. These are added to GARDN’s portfolio of 24 other current or completed projects. These new projects will all develop green, silent and sustainable technologies thanks to the involvement of academic and industrial partners from both SMEs and well-known big players, such as Boeing, West Jet and IATA.

“The variety of partners in these new projects, in terms of their size and backgrounds, promises large-scale economic and technological results in the environmental aviation field,” points out Sylvain Cofsky, GARDN’s Executive Director.

By supporting collaborative R&D projects, GARDN helps increase the Canadian aerospace industry’s competitiveness while also reducing its environmental impact. Research projects make it possible to unite industry, academia and research stakeholders in the goal of innovating the next generations of aircraft, motors and avionics systems.

Here is a summary of each project:

  • Energy Efficient Aircraft Configurations and Concepts of Operation led by Nebula UAV Systems
  • Turboprop Flight Advisory System (FAS) for Cruise Fuel Burn Reduction led by Specific Range Solutions Ltd
  • Integrated Electric Propulsion Systems for Aircraft led by LTA Aerostructures
  • Additive Manufacturing for Landing Gear led by Héroux-Devtek
  • Assessment of likely Technology Maturation pathways used to produce biojet from forest residues (The ATM project) led by Noram Engineering and Constructors Ltd
  • Canada’s Biojet Supply Chain Initiative led by Waterfall Group