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GARDN II Projects (2014-2019)

Noise Reduction for Next-Generation Regional Turboprop




This project is aimed at leveraging new technologies, maturing concepts and design guidelines for noise reduction of a large regional turboprop aircraft in order to meet and exceed ICAO new Chapter14 aircraft noise requirements and very stringent airport local noise limits.

More specifically, the project plan is set to mature a range of installed engine-noise-reduction concepts, and it includes multiple elements: Noise Reduction of an Integrated Powerplant, Parametric Studies of Low Noise Propeller Design Concepts, Advance Duct & Liner Technology and compressors, and Demonstration of noise Reduction Concepts and Technologies with Rig and Engine Testing.

The technology advancement to TRL6 of noise-reduction concepts is a must for the development of a new large environmentally friendly turboprop aircraft.


4 years



The project was erected with four work packages, each has different TRL targets:

  • Integrated Powerplant Noise Reduction: established a higher fidelity model to evaluate the impact of large turboprop aircraft noise on the environment and to assess noise reduction features;
  • Low Noise Propeller Design: developed new capabilities to assess parametrized propeller noise and feedback to a/c level noise impact, established CFD based parametric knowledge database of propeller and installation effects; developed an analytical tool to predict propeller noise;
  • Advanced Duct & Liner Technology: developed new liner type tailored to turboprop application; performed rig testing on coupons; enhanced analytical tool for liner modeling and design;
  • Low Noise Engine Demonstration: procure a full-scale inlet duct acoustics; perform rig testing to characterize acoustics; Execute an engine test for demonstration (2020).

Over 13 papers presented or published in international conferences and journals.