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GARDN II Projects (2014-2019)

Greening the Aerospace Supply Chain




Define a supply-chain management framework to provide industrials with the capacity to prioritize eco-responsible purchasing actions, define technologies’ green specifications and efficiently treat environmental information.

The acquired knowledge will offer a collaboration model fully adapted to the Canadian aerospace sector, facilitating ecodesign across the supply chain.

This project aims to contribute to the development of a sustainable air transportation system and will provide industrials and their suppliers with tools and methods to significantly reduce the environmental footprint. The environmental benefits will be achieved throughout the supply chain and cover a large number of important environmental issues.


2 years



  • Successfully conducted a first ever survey on the ‘state of green practices’ in the Canadian aerospace;
  • Successfully identified opportunities for Green procurement specifications and Design for Environment in 3 priority clusters: avionics, standard parts, composite;
  • Developed the first GSMC framework for the aerospace sector;
  • Contribute to capacity building/education in each participating organization and increased awareness (in all the supply chain) on the topic of green products and technologies;
  • Successfully demonstrated the potential of a network effect, since the project involved a SME, a university, 3 OEMs and an industrial association, all working together and sharing best practices.