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GARDN II Projects (2014-2019)

Flight Management Performance Optimization II




Optimize the vertical and horizontal path of the aircraft within the Flight Management System while taking into account the Required Time of Arrival, the wind grids and the aircraft performance.

The research will focus on developing algorithms and strategies for a trajectory optimization having an additional constraint and on the influence of the wind structure and dynamics. New methods for reducing the fuel consumption based on dynamic winds and aircraft performance will be investigated.

The main motivation of the project is to reduce overall carbon emissions and flight costs.


4 years



In this project featuring CMC and École de Technologie Supérieure, 4 tasks were tackled with different environmental impacts each:

  • Flight trajectory optimization (optimization of the lateral and vertical flight trajectories resulting in lower aircraft operating cost, shorter flight time, reduction of the crew workload and increased flight safety for total reductions of up to 2.77 tons of CO2
    for a typical long-haul flight);
  • Optimal flight trajectory based on meteorological data (the flight trajectory optimizer makes use of a 4-D wind grids to increase weather input inaccuracies allowing reducing flight time, fuel burn and aircraft operating cost and representing a typical reduction of 302 kg of CO2
    for a 1890-mile flight);
  • Implementation of Required Time of Arrival (RTA) constraint (4 kg of fuel reduction over 1400 NM which represents app. 44 kg of CO2 reduction);
  • Performance Database (PDB) Creation.