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GARDN II Projects (2014-2019)

New 4th Round Project

Experimental Validation of Innovative Environmentally Friendly Aircraft Configurations – Extension for Noise measurements



The proposed project is an extension to a currently ongoing GARDN II program “Experimental Validation of Innovative Environmentally Friendly Aircraft Configurations”, which aims at maturing an unconventional aircraft configuration using wind tunnel testing. The unconventional aircraft under study has shown potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also has an inherent potential for community noise reductions.


 In continuation of the BA-21 project, the team has:

  • Successfully developed a miniature monopole source;
  • Validated by NRC Anechoic testing capabilities;
  • Collected noise scattering data sets around conventional and un- conventional aircraft for improvement of Semi-Empirical methods;
  • Understood the limitations of BEM modeling on large models and a clear direction for future modeling established.

Post GARDN work is undergoing to predict shielding and develop improved models.