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GARDN II Projects (2014-2019)

Experimental Validation of Innovative Environmentally Focused Aircraft Configurations




Develop a novel aircraft concept designed to satisfy various performance and stability and control (S&C) requirements.

This aircraft concept will then be tested in a wind tunnel to validate the S&C characteristics. Various alternative designs will be tested in addition to the baseline configuration.

The S&C test involves free air as well as ground-effect testing of the baseline configuration and various design alternatives. It is intended to use novel testing techniques as well as new materials and fabrication methods in the building of the wind tunnel model parts.


4 years



In this project, wind tunnel data compared against computational fluid dynamics (CFD) allowed the partners to calibrate their predictions of aerodynamic coefficients both at high and low fidelity. Furthermore, partners have gained an understanding of the uncertainty between different CFD methods and wind tunnel data, which will educate the use of design margins in future design work. The design partners are working on has the potential to decrease CO2 emissions by 15–20%.