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GARDN II Projects (2014-2019)

Canada’s Biojet Supply Chain Initiative (CBSI): Enabling 2020 Carbon Neutral Growth




The project is intended to achieve the following impacts:

  • Demonstrate the operational feasibility of biojet fuels in the domestic jet fuel supply system using existing delivery infrastructure to directly support carbon neutral growth of the CND aviation sector beyond 2020;
  • Catalyze the development of the domestic biojet sector by using HEFA biojet as an enabling mecanism;
  • Validate CND biojet supply chain elements to enable a feasibility assessment for private sector investment in commercial scale biojet production in Canada;
  • Generate hands-on experience with biojet handling and integration to develop best practices in a Canadian context.

CBSCI blending activities will occur at Montreal-Trudeau International Airport (YUL).


Canada’s Biojet Supply Chain Initiative (CBSCI) achieved the objectives of:

  • Completing the first-ever introduction of biojet (SAF) into the hydrant blending system of Canada’s largest airport (Toronto Pearson International Airport) in support of Earth Day 2018;
  • Generating hands-on operational experience and disseminating it for sector advancement via the project website:;
  • Increasing biojet policy relevance in Canada by demonstrating its operational feasibility and ability to generate GHG reductions. HEFA biojet is now being actively considered as a compliance pathway under the federal Clean Fuel Standard and provincial low-carbon fuel regulations;
  • Providing analysis, reporting, and dissemination of all CBSCI project knowledge, including detailed operational reports, via the online platform to further validate the biojet supply chain, and the emerging biojet opportunity in Canada;
  • Completing technical analyses to support the use of domestic feedstocks in HEFA biojet production.