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GARDN II Projects (2014-2019)

Round 4

Reuse of Uncured Aerospace Preimpregnated Composite Materials in Commercial Applications



This project will further the knowledge, experience and capability to reuse of uncured aerospace grade pre-impregnated (prepreg) materials for the Canadian Aerospace industry. The outcome will be further “greening” of the aerospace composite supply chain through:

  • reduction of the volume of landfilled, incinerated or acid/solvent reclaimed prepreg waste
  • redirection of prepreg waste into value-added commercial products demanding high quality fibres and high performance epoxy matrix systems
  • industry development and growth through the creation of a new “reclaimed prepreg” material supplier(s)
  • development of new regional commercial opportunities, and
  • cost avoidance through the reduction of uncured prepreg scrap disposal costs.



  • Development of potential commercial use for typical waste products from aerospace composite producers which would result in significant reduction in waste costs for composite producers;
  • Development of new processes which could be used for aesthetic (non-structural) components within the aerospace sector to increase material utilization;
  • Potential development of low-cost competitor to prepreg products, such as HexMC™.