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GARDN II Projects (2014-2019)

Airframe Noise Reduction for Business and Commercial Aircraft



Reduce the noise impact of aircraft operations in the vicinity of airports by leveraging new technologies, developing new design methodology and maturing concepts in support of low-noise business and commercial aircraft.

The project will lay the groundwork to help reduce the effects of the expected large increase in aircraft traffic volumes in Canada and elsewhere in the decades to come.

To progress these concepts to a higher TRL, the planning of a larger-scale high lift test will take place. Computational aeroacoustics work will be performed for preliminary evaluation of test configurations to help reduce the scope and cost of a high lift test.


  • High Lift Noise Reduction: New slat noise tonal source identified—10 dB tone over background on slat noise. High lift efforts to evaluate means of suppression;
  • Slat Noise: Slat junction source noise reduction of 3 dB; 1 dB reduction of slat noise through application of MPP;
  • Flap Noise Reduction: MPP combined with best geometric design practices learned resulted in a 2 to 4 dB;
  • Landing Gear Noises Reduction: 1 to 2 dB reduction based on best practices learned;
  • Material Development for Noise Reduction: Key materials were evaluated to progress the technology to the level it could be applied on an aircraft.


4 years