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Movin’On is the international summit on sustainable mobility. Formerly known as the Michelin Challenge Bibendum, this prestigious event, built on a 20-year tradition, is taking on a new name and a new identity to reflect ongoing changes in the world of mobility, and the momentum for industry, institutional and governmental leaders to take action for a more sustainable future.
Movin’On is a unique event that will convene 3,000+ mobility stakeholders of today and tomorrow, from more than 35 countries to discuss and advance the future of mobility: chairmen and CEOs, public and private organizations, academia and startups will join city representatives to launch initiatives toward sustainable mobility. Together, they will allow new ideas to emerge and work on implementing solutions.

The 2017 edition is designed by Michelin in partnership with the international business conference C2, which will bring more collaborative activities, action focused content and further openness to all mobility stakeholders.
A unique experiment:
Innovation is at the heart of Movin’On, a immersive and collaborative event which gather all mobility stakeholders in truly innovative conditions:
• A 360°technological stage, offering unique possibilities for plenary sessions
• Collaborative sessions: workshops, master classes and labs using disruptive technologies
• Innovation Center, Ride & Drive and Startup village: discovery of what the future will hold, exploring the technology showcase.


Movin’On attendees can experience the latest vehicles and technologies ― some never seen before ― from leading innovators in mobility:
• The latest fully autonomous vehicles by Tesla
• Two new models of the Mini Cooper line, unveiled by BMW
• A replica of Solar Impulse 2, the solar-powered aircraft that completed a 25,000-mile trip around the world (with Solvay as the main technological partner of Solar Impulse )
• Robocar, the first driverless fully electric race car, designed by Roborace to compete in the upcoming Formula E motorsports series
• Proterra, the zero-emissions electric bus that will revolutionize urban transit fleets
• The powerful new Sora luxury electric superbike by Lito Green Motion

All confirmed speakers can be found here
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EVENT DATE AND ADDRESS:  June 13-15, 2017 – L’ARSENAL – 2020 rue Williams, Montréal QC H3J 1R8







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