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GARDN will hold its first annual conference

Oct 26, 2010

The Green Aviation and Research and Development Network (GARDN) announced today, during the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC)’s 49th Annual General Meeting, that it will hold its first Annual Conference under the theme: Fly Green – Making our Dreams a Reality. The Conference will be held at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum on February 23rd, 2011 which is also Canada’s National Aviation Day.

“Half‐way through its four‐year mandate, GARDN is positioning this Conference as a keynote event that will focus on the importance of Canada taking on a leadership role in research in the area of green aviation,” declared Sylain Cofsky, GARDN’s Network Manager. GARDN seeks to underscore the criticality and urgency of its mandate amongst the community of researchers, aerospace industry, politicians and decision makers, as well as Canadians at large.

“We already have 13 projects on the go and their successful completion will ensure an enviable position for Canada amongst the top world players in the area of research aimed at reducing the aerospace industry’s environmental footprint,” added Dr. Claude Lajeunesse, Chairman of the Board of GARDN and President of AIAC. “Environmental research is a leading‐edge avenue for the aerospace industry in that it paves the way for the next decades. In fact, it is these very technologies that are the drivers of the next generation of air transportation. Other countries have understood the game changing nature of this research and Canada must establish its presence amongst this community of researchers, he added.”

GARDN has invited world renowned speakers and researchers to participate in this event with a view to stimulate debate and raise the level of awareness with respect to the seven themes of research and development identified by GARDN, namely, noise and source emissions reduction, materials and manufacturing processes, airport and aircraft operations, alternative fuels and product lifecycle management.