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GARDN proud of its successes of the past year

Oct 17, 2011

During GARDN’s Annual General Meeting, which took place in Ottawa today, the organization’s Chair of the Board Claude Lajeunesse, expressed great pride in the organization’s successful year. “GARDN has become – over a very short period – a highly relevant player and a focal point for all Canadian organizations involved in green aviation research initiatives”, declared Dr. Lajeunesse.

Dr. Lajeunesse was most appreciative of the recent additional financing of $668 000 awarded to GARDN by the Federal Government which demonstrates its trust in GARDN and its mandate. “This financial support, added to the original amount of $11.8 already granted by the Government, has allowed GARDN to proceed with four new R&D projects aimed at developing more ecological aircraft, to expand in research horizons, and just as importantly, to attract new partners in the Network,” he added.

Canada is amongst leaders in the world efforts to develop greener aircraft. GARDN’s Executive Director, Sylvain Cofsky, was extremely pleased with Paul Steele’s presence at the AGM. Mr. Steele is Executive Director of the Air Transport Action Group (ATAG), an independent coalition of member organizations and companies throughout the global air transportation industry located in Geneva, who have come together to can speak with one voice in the promotion of aviation’s sustainable growth for the benefit of our global society. Bombardier Aerospace is on the Board of Directors of ATAG. “Mr. Steele’s presence at our AGM and our relationship with this highly regarded organization in the field of green aviation add considerable weight to GARDN and is in line with our future plans for GARDN with respect to increasing its presence in North America,” said Sylvain Cofsky.

GARDN’s AGM was also a perfect opportunity for GARDN to underscore its support for the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum’s Green Skies Ahead Initiative. Green Skies Ahead takes you on a tour of the innovative carbon-friendly technology that will shape commercial aviation over the next 50 years: high-efficiency jet engines; new super-light, super-strong, composite materials; innovative wing designs; and, cutting-edge navigation technology that will help create superhighways in the sky.