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GARDN Project Key to a New Canada-Ukraine Collaboration

Sep 30, 2016



GARDN is proud that two GARDN projects were key to a new collaboration between Esterline CMC Electronics (CMC) and Ukrainian company Antonov. CMC has entered into a long-term agreement to offer its CMA-9000 Flight Management System with its displays and GPS on a number of Antonov aircraft, such as the AN-148/158/178 and AN-124. The announcement was made during the 2016 Farnborough International Airshow.

The decision to select the CMA-9000 was driven partially by its comprehensive airline standard vertical navigation (VNAV) capability. The efforts of the GARDN I and II programs towards improving the efficiency of the VNAV profiles greatly assisted CMC in achieving this program award. The optimized vertical profiles minimize fuel burn, directly reducing CO2 and NOX emissions while saving the end customer both money and time.

“The GARDN programs that continue today with the École de technologie supérieure (ETS) Larcase research team have directly contributed to this strategic win with Antonov,” said Rex Hygate, Business Development Manager, at Esterline CMC Electronics.
“This is a perfect example of the importance of collaborative R&D initiatives, and we are pleased with the benefits that GARDN’s projects have generated for Canadian innovation. As a result of projects from the GARDN I and II programs, the technology developed by CMC and ETS will bring great benefits for clean and sustainable aviation,” added Sylvain Cofsky, GARDN Executive Director.

“Green aviation and collaborative research are essential to the future of the Canadian aerospace industry and its ability to announce technologies and partnerships such as the one between Esterline CMC and Antonov. We are proud that a green technology supported by GARDN has led to a collaboration between Ukraine and Canada, and we are confident that Canadian industry will continue to develop world-class green aviation technologies in the future,” said Jim Quick, President & CEO of the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada.

CMC launched the project “Flight Management Performance Optimization II” in partnership with ETS as part of the GARDN II program in 2014. The objective of the project was to optimize the vertical and horizontal path of the aircraft within the flight management system by taking into account the required time of arrival, the wind grids and meteorological conditions. This GARDN II project was the extension of a first project, “Optimized Descents and Cruise”, which was launched in 2009 as part of GARDN I.