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Members have endorsed the creation of pan-Canadian SAF initiative

Dear GARDN network,

We’re happy to announce that during GARDN’s AGM, our members have decided to redefine the mandate of our network to become the pan-Canadian Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) initiative during the extension of our program until March 31, 2021. Please join us in thanking our members for their trust and support in reshaping the future of sustainable air travel in Canada.

The goal of this new initiative is to accelerate the production and use of SAF in Canada. The development of a domestic SAF industry represents significant environmental, social and economic benefits. SAF are also internationally recognized as the most viable strategy to decarbonize air travel.

Over the last years, the collaboration with various federal departments has broadened GARDN’s community of interest and has facilitated the first steps to what could become a pan-Canadian Sustainable Aviation Fuel Initiative. Today, we are officially starting the administrative process of transitioning GARDN into its new SAF centered mandate.

For the next 6 months, the objectives of our management team are as follows:

  • Adopt the corporation legal documents to reflect the new mandate and objectives of the network
  • Design a new administrative and governance structure, including SAF members recruitment
  • Seek for private and public funding to support our new mission and the activities of our network after March 31, 2021.

A successful SAF network is only possible if we co-create it all together. We consider essential to ensure a proper representation of each stakeholder in the entire process of the establishment of such an initiative. Therefore, we truly need your advice and your support.  We will be closely communicating and engaging with you on the next steps through the SAF Community platform in the upcoming months. See you all there.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to publish it on the SAF Community Forum or reach out directly Kateryna Derkach, our Strategy and Sustainability Director.

This year is pivotal for GARDN: we are completing our second and last mandate with the BL-NCE (extended until March 31, 2021) and we are setting a strong foundation for GARDN to build on this 10-year momentum to continue working towards a cleaner, quieter and more sustainable Canadian aviation. To learn more about our network accomplishments over last year and R&D projects, please see our newest activity report.

Best regards and talk to you very soon!

– On behalf of the GARDN team