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On the 18th of June, after 12 years of existence, the adventure of the Green Aviation Research and Development Network (GARDN) came to an end. On behalf of the entire GARDN team, we would like to thank you for supporting the network throughout this time and for participating in the AGA as well as the celebrations that took place to mark our achievements. Over the years our network has developed, grown and accomplished what was expected of it. It was wonderful to celebrate our collective achievements with you.

Since 2009, GARDN has worked to generate and foster collaboration among the green aviation community, while providing financial support to initiate research and development projects in Canada. This non-profit organization was created to support and enhance Canada’s competitiveness in the aerospace industry by reducing the environmental footprint of the next generation of aircraft, engines and avionics systems developed in Canada. A vision we believe we have achieved.

Through our values of collaboration, innovation, credibility, agility and accountability, and our deep environmental commitment, we are proud of the work we have done to advance sustainable aerospace innovation.

We extend our sincere thanks to our 52 members and partners and to the federal government for its funding through the Canadian Networks of Excellence program.
Without our members, our 34 collaborative R&D projects in the area of green aviation, with a total value of $70 million,
would not have been possible. The industry has been strengthened by the professional work done within the larger Canadian aerospace community.  This work has also resulted in a total of 420 papers published through GARDN’s BLN-CE programme and the training of nearly 90 highly qualified, industry-ready students. A remarkable piece of work with impressive results.

The GARDN legacy will live on, both through the innovations it supported and the relationships it created and the students it trained.  In particular, its residual funds will be donated to C-SAF, which will continue its work in the field of sustainable aviation fuels. For more information, please contact Geoffrey Tauvette: gtauvette(at)

Thank you all for an amazing 12 years, we will continue to watch the growth of aerospace industry, an industry that we helped create during our service.

The GARDN’s team.