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GARDN delighted with Montreal-Trudeau Airport’s involvement in a research project

May 27, 2016

On May 10, 2016, Air Canada announced that Canada’s Biojet Supply Chain Initiative (CBSCI) will take place at the Montreal-Trudeau Airport. This collaborative project, led by Waterfall Group, brings together 13 organizations, including Air Canada, Transport Canada, IATA, ASCENT (US FAA Centre of Excellence), CAAFI and many Canadian universities, aimed at introducing 400,000 litres of biofuel into a shared fuel system.

Launched in 2015, this research project, in collaboration with BioFuelNet Canada’s Centre of Excellence Network, is part of the Green Aviation Research & Development Network (GARDN). CBSCI aims to both demonstrate the operational feasibility of integrating biofuels into a national fuel supply system and promote the acquisition of practical experience in handling and integrating biofuels to develop Canadian best practices.

Sylvain Cofsky, Executive Director of GARDN, is delighted with Montreal-Trudeau Airport’s involvement in this promising research project. “Canada’s Biojet Supply Chain Initiative, led by Waterfall Group, touches upon two major GARDN research areas aimed at cleaner, more sustainable aviation. We are proud that this R&D project is bringing together a large number of collaborators, and the involvement of Aéroports de Montréal will help build this unparalleled initiative in the supply chain.”


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