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GARDN announces the projects selected for its 2nd Round of Funding

Jul 19, 2010

The Board of Directors of GARDN, at its last meeting of July 7th, adopted the selection of 4 new R&D projects. The projects were selected from among 13 proposals, with a total value of nearly 30 M$, submitted for evaluation. The total envelope of this 2nd Round of Funding is 2,3M$.

“Above all, I would like to thank the industry and the researchers who participated in the competition. Their interest and expertise to develop innovative green applications for the Canadian aerospace industry were apparent in their submissions. The quality of the 13 proposals received is eloquent testimony to the importance and dynamism of such collaborative projects,” said GARDN’s Chairman of the Board, Mr. Claude Lajeunesse.

The four projects are distinguished for their level of innovation and environmental impact on the aviation field, one of the major Canada industrial sectors. The first project, related to Source Emissions Reduction, is led by the University of Alberta (in collaboration with Pratt & Whitney Canada, MDS Aero, University of British Columbia and the NRC). The second project, related to Source Noise Reduction, is led by Aercoustics Engineering Limited (in collaboration with University of Toronto and Bombardier Aerospace). The third project, related to Lifecycle Management, is led by Bombardier Aerospace (in collaboration of Bell Helicopter Textron Canada, Pratt & Whitney Canada, the CIRAIG and Quantis Canada). The last project, related to Alternative Fuels, will be announced through a news release by Bombardier Aerospace and their partners (Targeted Growth Canada, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Porter Airlines, UOP and Sustainable Oils), Wednesday the 21st at the Farnborough AirShow 2010.

Projects submitted for consideration under this program were required to include at least two Canadian collaborators and 50% of industrial sources of funding. The selection of those four projects is the result of a rigorous and transparent solicitation and evaluation process, undertaken both by GARDN’s Research and Scientific Committees.