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The Sky’s the limit challenge!

Reducing the aviation industry’s environmental footprint will create a more competitive and sustainable industry and is critical for our transition to a lower-carbon economy. Cleaner fuels are central to those efforts.
Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, the Honourable Amarjeet Sohi, issued a nationwide challenge to Canadians to develop the cleanest, most affordable and sustainable aviation fuel for the aviation sector to further reduce its carbon footprint and fight climate change.


The aviation industry needs a fuel that will cut pollution and fight climate change. Can you supply it? We need the jet fuel of the future now!  



Who are we looking for?

You’re a cleantech innovator You want to make a difference You’ve got your eye on the prize


Be part of Canada’s aviation future

Develop the jet fuel of the future

Develop new ways to produce biojet fuels.

Fight climate change

Fuels made from sustainable sources to fight climate change.

Have a global impact

Commercialize and compete on the international stage. Scale your innovation with a $5M grand prize.


Ready to fuel your idea? We can help.

Gate 1 – Check in

Join a team and submit your plan. Top four teams win $2M to help their idea take flight.

Layover – Make your connection

Join us at the forum to build some new connections in the industry.

Arrivals – Grand prize competition

Your idea is ready for takeoff. The winning team will receive $5M to commercialize their innovative fuel.



Already started? Take the Cross-Canada Flight Competition

3,000 km flight

$1 million will be awarded to the first producer with a made-in-Canada biojet fuel that meets the criteria for a major Canadian airline to purchase and use for a flight across Canada (10 percent minimum blend).